We strongly believe neuroscience research can help both patients and caregivers understand their illness and provide access to the available therapeutic aids. Our mission is to use the latest findings in high impact peer reviewed articles and our expertise, to improve patients neurological and psychiatric recovery.

We also aim at:

  • designing and implementing new tools for the treatment of neurological disorders
  • understanding how these tools can help recovery
  • testing these tools with clinical and research protools
  • promoting the use of innovative tools in therapy

We are a non-profit branch of Neuroset, a research-oriented company devoted to the application of neuroscience to various domains. We own a well-equipped mobile laboratory to provide patients, institutions, research centers, associations and research-oriented SMEs with cutting-edge technologies and innovative programs for motor and neural rehabilitation.

Our equipments include the access to fMRI facilities, high density EEGs and a wide variety of virtual reality and brain-computer interface tools to help patients improve their linguistic, visuo-motor, acoustic and motor abilities. We also own fast sampling-rate eye-tracking glasses, smart shirts for biometry, skin perspiration rings and muscle sensors kits, to enhance recovery chances.

We offer advanced expertise in neuroscientific study design and setup, patients sample collection and data analysis.

We are partners of the European Association for Autism, and we have formal partnerships with Universities and Neuroscience Centers all over Europe.

Keywords: Cognitive Neuroscience; EEG; fMRI; Behavioral tests; Neuropsichology; ECG; GSR; EMG; IT; BCI; Neurofeedback training; Consumer Neuroscience; Cognitive-behavioral theraphy.